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As the leaves fall, and we prepare for the quiet of winter, we are afforded the opportunity of listening, and within that silence to prepare the fertile ground of our imagination.

What we might hear, at first, is simply the flurry of our own heart, beckoning and calling to the light, to lift us higher, to allow us to see all that we may be, all that we already are.

We can be grateful for what has been, that has laid the foundation of our growth and our wisdom, and we can also allow ourself to step out of the old skin, that no longer fits, that small self we no longer want to be.

As we still ourselves, succumbing to the silence of All-That-Is, we invite the voice of God Goddess, to guide us, to answer our prayers, and to help us know that we are, most certainly, never alone.

And then, from within the depths of our reflection, a voice is heard, welling up inside of us, and its message is one of love:

“Be still, and know you are supported, and that Our love is ever-present, We are always here to hold you, within Our loving, to guide you in your heart. We are the ground beneath your feet, just as We are the mountain that you climb—to realize your dreams. Everything is destined, your path is already laid, you only need surrender to the love that is here, already inside of you, and that flows from Our heart.

We are the answer that you are seeking, the one thing for you to reach for, and hold onto. We will never leave you, and through Our love, you behold everything, that is your Self.”

So let us together realize the wealth, the love, the wisdom, that is already inside of us, let us remember that everything is already given, it is already here. It rests within the well of our divinity, that we are invited to drink from, in everyday. That our reality, and life, may reflect only this truth and benevolence, and in this we can be grateful for All that is already given.

Grandfather Tree

Even though people have written the names of form upon your vast trunk,

and the winds of change have marked the earth before you, still you reach upwards towards the skies. Offering leafy branches to touch the heavens through trunk-like arms, three in all, that harvest many children of spiraling tendrils, nestled with leafy hearts.

The wind stirs you, moving the silence around you and is the company that you keep, ever secure in your demise, strengthened by something that is beyond this world.

You have carried many ages, marked through the inner circles of your stem, and may have forgotten your young sapling days. Yet the eras that have been marked their terrain inside if you, now held as the wisdom, of the sage – the grandfather tree that you are.

Whatever you aspire to, in your reaching, even as the pathways of the arms of your canopy may reach towards the stars, your strength is your capacity, enabling you to go on. To move between the worlds, honoring the secrets of the universe and anchoring them to this earth. For even the breath of life speaks to you, and wonders when you will carry it home.

Perhaps by man’s hand one day you will be hewn, or if you remain to see a new world uncovered, your spirit will exist still. As the rock of ages upon which, on this day, I etch my heart, in love of you, in appreciation of your kind and under whose leafy branches I rest my head. And from your strength and bounty I am reborn, nestled in the silence of your rest.


The soft patter of tinny feet, loving arms embracing who I am.Christie

Eased into life, softened by a mother’s touch, loved and adored for just being.

Time to kiss and time to play. Time for peek-a-boo, and time for resting.
A time to sit and reflect on the birds in the trees, the passers by, and to let the warmth of the sun lull us into sleep.

These are the wonders of each day that I spend with my little fur child, the treasure of my heart, whose whiskers tickle my nose as I nuzzle and kiss her little head. Who awakens me each morning with the enthusiasm for a new day to be explored and who rests at my side each night, that we may share our dreams but mostly that we may share our love.

The Forest

I touch the rough exterior of the tree bark, as I rest upon theA Walk In The Forest strength of this majestic and ancient beauty. The forest is silent as if it is awaiting some grand event or perhaps just resting in-between the breaths of life’s activity.

Golden sunlight filters through the trees casting shafts of light upon the leafy floor revealing natural pathways to unknown destinations.

My company takes the form of a hummingbird who dances through the light and shadows and whose elegant form, weaves an invisible tapestry in mid-air.
Even as her activity invites my eyes, I am drawn towards the silence of the great oak, drawing upon its strength and asking for it to teach me of stillness so that my mind can rest long enough to receive the riches from within.

“Time” an answer comes,

“There is no time and nothing external that needs your attention. Time does not exist, it melts like the winter’s snow and come only in passing to the infinite, the Universal Spirit that is all things.”

“All existence is held here, inside of you, like a boundless infinite void where you may rest, taking nourishment until the moment when you might weave your threads of creation in the realm of the external. And from which, yet again, to the silence you will inevitably make your return.”

“Learn to feel your attunement to the natural rhythm within you, let its grace be your guidance, let yourself simply embrace what it is that you need. What you need to do the most is to rest under the guardianship of my leafy arms, feel supported by the solid oak of my embodiment and let life ride for a while until you are guided to catch the next rainbow and fly. Until that moment arrives come rest with me in the silence that is beyond the world.”

The Stone

Cool granite, smoothed along its surface. How did its circumference come to form? So exact, so perfect as if it has sat on the potter’s wheel whose hands caressed its still soft substance, before it formed and hardened to stone.

Perhaps its interior hides secrets yet to be revealed or mysteries that will never be discovered, like a secret held within the heart that if became known would change the substance of our form.

I wonder why I selected this stone, flat and gray and yet solid and secure. I wonder where it has traveled, on how many paths it has laid throughout its existence. Carried by the tides, fallen from mountain tops, sunk to the depths of the ocean until the moment when carried by my hands it found itself nestled beneath my wood- carved eagle set beside my altar, a witness to my prayers. Perhaps I chose its certainty, the wholeness of its circular form, drawn into its beauty, smoothness to touch as if caressing my own soul.

Love’s Offering

Love’s Offering


How can the world that has known so much lack

Cut off, in its consciousness, from the Source of loving,

Ever be able to offer to the hunger

Of our soul

The love that we want and truly deserve.


How can a love’s embrace, that is always going to be lacking

In the arms of those

Even unable to hold their own emptiness,

Ever give to us all that we long for,

All that we need.


How can the words of our parents, lovers and friends

Feed us with the truth of our beingness,

As their own mouths have been fed with a field of lies

Built upon the foundation stone of a world

Closed to its own light.


What truth can be offered, but that which is found in our own heart.

What grace can be given, but that which arises from within,

Fed to our souls from the deep well of love’s offering.

And through that divinity

 we take our ascension

 into grace.